Devters is an Authorized Microchip Design Partner

Devters specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology web site for more information by clicking here.

Microchip Technology Inc. is on the leading microcontroller manufacturers in the world, which are the brains of most IoT devices. Microchip products include PIC, dsPIC, Atmel AVR, ARM Cortex processors as well as embedded security (cryptography) and communication (WiFi, Bluetooth, MiWi, LoRa, Ethernet) devices.

As specialists in IoT device development, we regularly partner with and leverage Microchip's integrated circuits and embedded system modules to implement our client's IoT devices.

Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic Circuit Design

Tell us what kind of device you need to build, we will advise and design the electronic circuits for you: component selection, electronic schematic design and circuit board layout.

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Embedded Software (Firmware)

Embedded Software (Firmware)

We can design and write the firmware code that runs on the microcontroller-based embedded systems that we have designed for you, or program your own circuits.

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Software development

Software Development

We can develop custom graphical, command-line, web or mobile interfaces to remotely control electronic devices.

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Hardware Accelerator design

Hardware Accelerator Design (Custom Chips)

If you have a custom algorithm that runs too slow on CPUs, we can speed it up by designing custom processors.

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How we work

1. Analyze (quote)

If your company lacks software or hardware expertise we will sit with you, understand your needs, and offer a proposal in layman's terms.

2. Design

A senior engineer specialized in the required field will be assigned to your project and will design the architecture of your product.

3. Develop

Our team of engineers will design, code, prototype, test, debug, install, and produce your device or software.

4. Maintain

When needed, we will evaluate performance over time, fine-tune and update your projects.

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